Food premises photography - not just restaurants.

We shoot images essentially from field to fork. We can find ourselves asked to create images from harvest to food factory or processing plant, bakery to restaurant.

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Why use a food photography specialist like YRSFood?

A food photographer has but one challenge - to make your mouth water using only one of your senses... your sight!

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Read more about Your Reflection Studio & YRSFood.

Your Reflection Studio (YRSFood) is a Highland based specialist food photography studio and stylist working through Inverness and the Highlands & Moray - Scotland wide.

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How to contact us for a free consultation and advice.

Sometimes is helps to simply talk your ideas and issues through with our photographer...



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YRSFood, the Inverness & Highlands
Food Photographer. Food Premises & Restaurant Images.

YRSFood (Your Reflection Studio). Inverness & Highlands food premises, restaurant and specialist food photographer studio.

As a food photographer and photography studio, we shoot images essentially from field to fork. We can find ourselves asked to create images from harvest to food factory or processing plant, bakery to restaurant. In all cases we try and create a sense of action within the image - what actually occurs there in the factory or food plant, how busy the restaurant is and not just an industrial food premises landscape or dinning place. For many of our food producers we capture employees making product right in the food factory or processing plant - packing and shipping goods. We try and show the care you insist upon within the work factory or plant workplace. As for dining? Romance, laughter, freedom and confidence... restaurants, if only you could charge for what happens at the table - a wedding, a corporate deal, or just being seen... the value your restaurant provides is astounding. So why take a photo of just the room? For restaurant owners, we will bring the experience of dining with you into a picture and demonstrate the added value your business brings to diners and guests.


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Food photography or industrial photography?
Capturing the process of making food...

As a food photographer we are often asked to then become industrial photographers - going back stage so to speak in the factories, smoke houses and processing plants to capture the creation process of a product. Some of these processes are not for the faint hearted - an issue with so many consumers now being so disconnected with the origins of the food. So we first ask to go around the process to understand what is suitable for shooting and not - the image, will afterall, tell all. Then there is the issue of misconceptions - black pudding being made with powdered blood... so what we shoot has to be managed, directed and carefully controlled for things going on in the background. Then we have the staff element - overalls have to be perfect not soiled from day to day activities. Once the walk through has taken place we simply and unobtrusively photograph the process from a distance - no grip and grin shots unless asked! Some of these areas will require us to be escorted, which we understand - as will the need for shocking pink hair nets and bright blue shoe covers or glowing yellow wellies!


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Restaurant Photography. Capturing
the process of enjoying food.

This area of restaurant photography is very quickly moving to Facebook captured images - and it should do, as hiring a photographer all the while is impossible! People enjoying your establishment should be captured real-time and with real people. The only problem is that some of the images may be of poor quality due to lighting or the consumption of a few drinks! That's why some of our clients bring us a long for the less busy times - lunch times perhaps not evenings - to engage with your customers and gently document the atmosphere.

A lot of the times however, we suggest bringing in models to act the process. Why? Model release forms, to put a finer point on it. To get a close up image and not a crowd image that is professionally taken, requires a signed model release form, which gives you as the establishment owner their permission to use the image. So to get around that most clients use their staff, friends and even family to create a table level atmosphere which we photo-shoot.


Food Photography. And what about growing food?

A new and exciting side for us as farmers and growers realise the importance of getting professional images that demonstrate their investment and care to produce some of the worlds finest products - yes, Scotland is leading in so many things and it's great to see it being celebrated. When shooting all our gear is armoured, so no problems with weather or mud, we work a shoot plan to get the right images on the day and in fact include a calendar plan - sometimes the shoot can start in March as crops are planted and end in august as they are harvested!

Your Reflection Studio, Food Photographer and Stylist.


Inverness, Elgin, the Highlands & Moray
Menu, Restaurant, Food, Packaging, Product & Food Photography Studio

YRSfood (Your Reflection Studio) is based in the Highlands. We work throughout the Highlands & Moray and Inverness as welll as farther a field Scotland wide. We work with restaurant owners, food producers, media and PR, creating images for product, menu and editorial needs as well as for media and designer uses all over region and Scotland.

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Your Reflection Studio, Commercial Photography Studio

YRSFood (Your Reflection Studio), Inverness & Highland specialist food photography and stylist studio.
Food photographer Inverness & Highland and stylist. Specialist food photography studio, creating and styling food images for producers, bloggers, publishers and restaurants.
Inverness & Highland specialist - Commercial, Product and Food Photographer. 07790545990 Inverness & Highland Email: enquiries (@) your-reflection.co.uk